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Hi! I'm Morgan, AKA Momo/Mo, AKA Gutsybug9!I'm a LGBTQIA+ Louisiana-based freelance artist. My pronouns are she/they and my birthday is April 5th (♈︎)Much of my art is distinctly anime-inspired. I grew up as an only child, so video games and TV shows became close friends and huge inspirations to me. As I got older, this passion led me to anime conventions and their corresponding online communities, where I would find my people and begin to flourish.Some of my greatest aspirations are to join a development team for a video game (as a writer or an artist), to be part of an animation team, and to grow my business as much as possible so I can eventually make a living selling my art online and at events.If you'd like to partner with me on a project, please reach out to gutsybug9@gmail.com or head to the Contact page.Thanks for visiting!

art by @ruco30157103 on Twitter


art by @ruco30157103 on Twitter

Professional Experience

  • Head Artist, Head of Graphic Design & Vendor Coordinator | Black Hills Con (2019-present)

  • Head Artist | Raynestorm Productions (2022-2023)

  • Head Artist & Web Designer | Da. Mini-Nerd Con (2019-present)


  • Dani Chambers (actress) - provided illustration for official merchandise

  • John Swasey (actor) - provided illustration for official merchandise


Commissions are currently OPEN

Terms of Service

♡ Credit me and link my website if you repost a commissioned or partnered piece anywhere. You may not repost anything else of mine.♡ If you want to use my work in conjunction with anything commercial (this means ANYTHING that has a possibility of being monetized) you MUST talk to me about it before we establish the commission.♡ Understand that I have the right to refuse you for any reason.♡ I work well with deadlines, but they are not required. If you don't give me a deadline, feel free check in with me and ask for updates, but please be kind/non-excessive in your messages.♡ Fill out the entire info sheet for your commission. If you don't have a preference for something (ie. background color), put "Artist's Choice" or something along those lines. The more specific you are, the better.♡ Tips are not required, but they are greatly appreciated! I am in a difficult financial position, so every dollar goes a long way.♡ I currently accept payment through Paypal, Venmo, or Ko-Fi.

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art by @ruco30157103 on Twitter

art by @ruco30157103 on Twitter

Commercial Work


Shipping on all orders is FREE for a limited time!

art by @ruco30157103 on Twitter

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art by @ruco30157103 on Twitter

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